Watch the Modified Eight online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Progressions

Now that you had some time to acclimate yourself to alternative bar counts let's get back to the program and up the ante on these blues progressions. First, let's bring back the #ivdim7 and play it in the second half of bar 2 following the IV chord (Bb7). Jumping over to bar 4 you'll see for the first time a VI7 (D7) chord, which segues another first (hold that thought). After getting your ears introduced to the idea of the VI7 it gets pumped up to a 7#9 in the second and third choruses for good reason (keep holding that thought).

Looking over in bar 5 you'll see another chord that will spark a new roman numeral for us to geek on. The Gm7 is, in the key of F, a iim7 and it's followed by the V chord (C7) in bar 6 giving us for the first time a ii-V instance. The D7 (VI7) plays into this by setting up the Gm7 (iim7) since it's the V7 of that chord. Making it a 7#9 furthers the tension and release factor, not to mention it sounds really cool!

As you go through all 23 progressions start to think of these progressions in a way that you can easily transpose them. The chords were arranged so you can move a specific version up or down the neck to a new key. Make sure you do that so you can have even more flexibility and have even more options to bring to the jam.

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