Watch the Minor Au Naturale online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Progressions

Up until this point all the progressions have been dom7 based. Remember the core of any dominant chord no matter what the extensions and alterations may be is the 3rd and b7th of the chord. That makes all the blues progressions have a major feel to them. With Minor Au Naturale that goes right out the window. Introducing: Minor blues progressions!

This first set of changes brings us back to a 12 bar blues that has no quick IV, #ivdim7 chords, tritone subs--nuthin'--just good ‘ol fashion 12-bar changes (albeit the ivm7 chord in bar 10) that relies on all m7 chords. This overall approach to minor changes is based off the natural minor scale (modally known as Aeolian). Be sure to key in on the voicings played throughout this segment as they, like Sussy Strut, will outline the chords to come.

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