Watch the Larry's Trick online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Progressions

This next progression introduces some pivotal components that will be seen throughout many of the progressions that follow. For instance, taking a quick look at the chart will reveal a IV7 in the 2nd bar. The move by which you inject the IV chord at this juncture is known as the "quick four (IV)" or "quick-to-four (IV)". It provides some initial movement at the onset of the progression and sounds great. Rhythmically speaking, this segment swings hard to a simple rhythm known to some as a “Charleston”. At its core, the Charleston is a downbeat dotted quarter note followed by an upbeat 1/8 at beat 2 played with heavy swing feel. Though you’ll notice a sort of rhythmic tag to that idea at beat 4 of bars 3, 7 and 11.

Following the first round of 12 bars the second chorus takes advantage of the 1/8 note tag with a tasty rendition of the 6-9 slide. This is a great example of a subtle, yet effective embellishment to the foundational approach laid out for you in the first chorus. Watch for these slight enhancements throughout the course. THAT’S the real deal when it comes to stepping up a jam in many cases--slight additives like this go so much further than drastic changes or random embellishments that leave the pocket in the dust.

While there will be oodles of voice leading moments here in Blues Progressions, this particular progression forgoes that approach in the first two choruses for good reason. That reason lies within the idea behind the title and will be revealed in the third chorus. Watch and see...

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