Watch the Jonesing For Trouble online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Progressions

A very cool approach to juicing up your blues progressions is to grab a set of standard changes and apply some hipness in the form of extensions and altered chords. That's exactly what you're getting into here in Jonesing For Trouble as this progression is the changes from Trouble No More--a venerable blues standard recorded by just about every notable blues hound around.

After getting a feel for the changes in the first two go-arounds the third version gets right down to business. You not only have hip-sounding altered voicings and voice leading instances, but, in regards to the latter, you have some very cool contrary motion in there, too.

Once more we're going down the road of the 8-bar blues. Through rhythm and smart voice leading the transition should feel smooth to both you and your listeners.

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