Watch the Hamburger Meat online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Progressions

Taking a nod from fellow TrueFire artist and all-around blues aficionado David Hamburger, this blues progression is a minor jam set to an off-kilter 14-bar count. Eyeing the IV chord (B7) we can assess there's an underlying Dorian vibe. But, at the same time there's a call back to the bVI thing first heard in Gone Are the Thrills at bar 13. However, before any of that happens the first eight bars are wide open with the im7 chord (F#m7) ruling the roost.

Just like Massive [officailly] ushered in a formidable minor blues progression tool in the form of quartal harmony, so does Hamburger Meat in the second chorus: The m6 chord. Aside from a blatant Dorian sound, m6 chords make use of an interval that this course has hopefully established as the one to watch: The tritone. It's what gives a dom7 chord of any type its edge and it's the basis for a totally hip substitution concept. This time it's what gives the m6 chords their crunch, as there's a tritone between the b3rd and 6th degrees. Dig it!

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