Watch the Basie Loaded online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Lab: Blues Progressions

If you've ever heard of a "jazz blues" and always wondered what it is, well it's time to find out. Basie Loaded is a basic set of changes that would fall under that moniker. If you experience a bit of déjà vu that's because much of what makes this a jazz blues was first introduced in Modified Eight. I'm talking about the VI7 (D7) in bar 8 that precedes the ii-V spread across bars 9 and 10. Another contributing factor is the two instances of the #ivdim7 (Bbdim7) chords in bars 2 and 6.

This set of changes is also known as Basie Changes after the great Count Basie and it will sound great under just about any head melody set to a standard 12-bar progression with a quick IV. Be sure to really get this set of changes under your fingers as the next two progressions, Try Tone and For the Bird, play off it albeit in a much more advanced way.

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