Watch the Texas Shuffle online guitar lesson by Steve Lasner from Blues Expose

When I think of a Texas shuffle I think of the Vaughn brothers, Johnny Winter, Bugs Henderson, Duke Robillard, Kid Ramos, Mark May and a lot of other great guitarists that have mastered the Texas blues sound. They always add humor, aggression, a touch of country and that gunslinger attitude. Pride and confidence are important. Establish strong intros and outros for your solos to establish confident solo structure. In practice try adding some double stops and sweet chord interjections to your solo, 6th chords are great for this.

***Refefernce Diagrams
The following collection of chord voicings and scale diagrams is included to help you keep track of the different forms and fingerings mentioned throughout the various lessons in Blues Expose. They’re compiled here for easy reference as you work your way through the course.

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