Watch the Slow Blues online guitar lesson by Steve Lasner from Blues Expose

In this segment the lead is focusing only on the blues scale, this is done for the purpose to learn the blues scale and then later use it mixed with other scales to create nice solos. Focus on techniques for bending and vibrato. Keeping melodic flow is always important and limiting yourself to one scale will help focus on the melodic structure rather than what scale to play. All of the licks, scales and techniques used in Blues Expose can be interchanged on any of the seven grooves, so after you've mastered the segments try blending them together for more colorful solos. In the rhythm pay close attention to the chord fingerings and how the bass notes maintain the foundation. Listen to Albert King for some great examples of what we are teaching here.

***Refefernce Diagrams
The following collection of chord voicings and scale diagrams is included to help you keep track of the different forms and fingerings mentioned throughout the various lessons in Blues Expose. They’re compiled here for easy reference as you work your way through the course.

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