Watch the Organ Shuffle online guitar lesson by Steve Lasner from Blues Expose

An organ shuffle can go by many names but the key is that pumping groove, reminiscent of what a B3 player would play! In this segment we focus on blending the major and minor pentatonic scales. Like the rest of Blues Expose bending and vibrato techniques. Focus on playing less notes and more flavor and let your ear be your guide on the rhythm note, the steady pumping of the bass notes that create the foundation. Try listening to B.B. King for some great examples of using less notes and being flavorful!

***Refefernce Diagrams
The following collection of chord voicings and scale diagrams is included to help you keep track of the different forms and fingerings mentioned throughout the various lessons in Blues Expose. They’re compiled here for easy reference as you work your way through the course.

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