Watch the Medium Shuffle online guitar lesson by Steve Lasner from Blues Expose

Here we have an example of blending scales, techniques and playing on different edges of the beat. Getting on top of the beat helps create a little tension where getting behind might create anticipation. If you're doing fills between vocal lines be careful not to play over the vocals, look for the space between vocals and be prepared to get out of the vocalists way, remember the vocal is more important at this point and the guitar should be humble and complementary not argumentive. While practicing try to experiment with getting on top of and behind the beats. For fills between vocal lines B.B. King is a master at this.

***Refefernce Diagrams
The following collection of chord voicings and scale diagrams is included to help you keep track of the different forms and fingerings mentioned throughout the various lessons in Blues Expose. They’re compiled here for easy reference as you work your way through the course.

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