Watch the Blues Expose online guitar lesson by Steve Lasner from Blues Expose

In this series of lessons, Steve ‘Red’ Lasner and Josh Gibson guide you through 7 essential Blues Grooves presented in the classic Guitar Duo format. As professional musicians, both of these guitarists share valuable knowledge gained through years of experience onstage, in the studio, and in the practice room. These performance videos capture spontaneous interaction between 2 guitars, very much the way it would occur in a ‘Real World’ jam or gig. The resulting music serves as a perfect vehicle for studying how to learn AND apply tried & true methods for achieving a solid Blues sound.

There are 2 separate performances for each of the 7 grooves – one focuses on Red’s Lead and the other on Josh’s Rhythm. Each take is slightly different, further demonstrating how to mix-n-match the examples in order to create variety for yourself and your audience. (Once you’ve checked out the Lead Lesson, take a closer listen to Red’s solo on the Rhythm Performance – you’ll hear him mix up his phrases in a different way, demonstrating how you can alter any of the material to suit your own taste.)

The accompanying breakdowns provide detailed insight into chord voicings & fingerings, scale forms & fingerings, harmonic & rhythmic theory, technical obstacles, as well as some creative suggestions for making these ideas your own.

Each Lead Lesson is geared to illustrate some common Blues devices at work. We’ll review the BB & Albert King Blues ‘Boxes’ and take a close-up look at what makes them tick, you’re bound to walk away with a few new licks! Also covered will be detailed Bending and Vibrato techniques in addition to Right Hand Picking options that are certain to instantly add new textures to your tonal palette.

The Rhythm Lessons are a study in ‘groove from the ground up’ – literally! In some cases, these parts include simultaneous Bass and Chord activity, shedding some light on how multiple parts interact to create a groove.

Josh will also provide tips on improving your feel and articulation on familiar Boogie-Woogie guitar patterns, played at several different tempos. Some of these are fairly challenging, and will definitely push your left and right hand independence to new limits! You can use these full sounding parts to single-handedly accompany a singer or a soloist, or you can strip them down to nuts and bolts for creating ensemble parts.

In addition to transcriptions of each performance, you’ll also find a convenient set of charts & diagrams outlining all of the Chord Voicings and Scale forms referred to throughout the course.

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