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Watch the Minor Blues Scale online guitar lesson by Robert Renman from Blues Booster

The Minor Blues scale is a universal scale, it works in so many situations. I view it as the go-to scale, never leave home without it! It has 6 notes. The intervals are 1, b3, 4, b5, 5, 7. Let's listen to the sound of it, over the A7 rhumba backing track. Compared to A Mixolydian, this scale has a minor 3rd and a flatted 5th (also called diminished 5th), otherwise, all the notes in the A Minor Blues scale are also present in A Mixolydian. If you look at it from another perspective - the Mixolydian has the 6th and the 2nd, which the Minor Blues scale doesn't have. The cool thing is you can use both of these scales over a 7 chord.