Watch the Come Back For A T-Bone online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from 50 Texas Blues Licks You MUST Know

The turnaround refers
to the last 4 bars of a 12 bar blues progression. I tell my students that it's kind of the warning
that we're headed back to the top of the progression to start all over again.

Blues players notoriously use the turnaround to showcase some licks that will
tie all of their previous ideas together. These licks I'll show you will occur over two or four
bars. I got the first turnaround from T-Bone Walker and it really swings. T-Bone played with big
band ensembles and often mimicked horn players in his solos. This turnaround lick is in the key of B
and starts over the F#9 chord.

The chords are included in the notation. Give
this one a whirl.

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