Watch the Alimoanin' Blues online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from 50 Texas Blues Licks You MUST Know

We'll start with a lick
from T-Bone Walker. Aaron Thibeaux Walker was born on May 28, 1910 and died on March 16 1975. He's
one of the most well known Texas blues guitarists. When I think of T-Bone, I think of a big hollow
body Gibson busting out horn lines over swing and jump blues tunes. I got this first lick from a
tune called Alimony Blues and I'll play it over a 12 bar blues track. I'm doing this so you can hear
how the lick can be used over the entire form.

This lick does what I call
"combining" major and minor pentatonic sounds. This is a lick you'll hear saxophonists use
and I'm sure that they were the inspiration behind the lick. The lick is in the key of C and as I
said, combines major and minor pentatonic scales.

I'll play it at normal speed
and then I'll slow it down and explain it. Have fun with this over the 12 bar backing

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