Watch the 50 Texas Blues Licks online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from 50 Texas Blues Licks You MUST Know

Thanks for checking out
my course. I truly hope you’ve enjoyed going through these Texas sized licks with me. As you
probably have noticed by now, these licks are very “useable.” Meaning, you can throw these in at the
next blues jam or gig.

In my opinion, that is the benefit of these 50 licks
courses. I want to mention that when you are checking out a specific style like Texas blues or
Chicago blues, go ahead and immerse yourself in the style. Listen to nothing but these artists for
six months and bam, you’ll have some serious vocabulary. You’ll soak up tons of phrasing ideas as
well as nuances like guitar tones.

This is my first course for TrueFire and
hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me. I’m super excited to be a part of the TrueFire family.
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website There you can find me playing with all sorts of different bands as
well as producing singers and songwriters. Keep practicing and I look forward to seeing you

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