Watch the 50 Slow Blues Licks online guitar lesson by Anthony Stauffer from 50 Slow Blues Licks You MUST Know

Welcome to 50 Slow Blues Licks You Must Know! Slow blues has always been intensely personal to me, ever since ‘that' sound grabbed my attention over 17 years ago. Slow blues guitar can communicate a wide range of emotions, all within the same song.

I have chosen licks from a select few of my favorite artists, and chosen licks that capture the signature aspects of their respective styles. The licks are divided into 5 groups, matching up with 5 different styles of slow blues songs. There are also 5 backing tracks, one for each group of licks.

In addition to learning how to play each lick, you'll learn the best place to play it within a standard 12-bar progression. In slow blues, knowing what to play is only half the journey. Knowing when to play it is equally important.

If you're a stranger to slow blues, it offers very little to hide behind. There's no complicated chord changes, or fast driving tempo. Just a few chords and a slow beat. This course will help you feel more at home by building up your arsenal of slow blues licks. Let's get started.

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