Watch the 50 Slow Blues Licks online guitar lesson by Anthony Stauffer from 50 Slow Blues Licks You MUST Know

We've reached the end of 50 Slow Blues Licks You Must Know, but your learning shouldn't stop here. Learning the notes is only the first step. To master these licks, start experimenting with them. Try using them in other songs. Repeat them until they become second nature.

The artists represented in this course are some of my favorites, and there's a lot more you can learn from them beyond what I've taught here. Each of them has mastered the fine details of slow blues. Beyond speed, beyond flashiness, they convey emotion through the guitar. They don't just play slow blues, they make you feel it.

For those of you who dig the Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King licks in this course, be sure to check out my regular gig at, the entire site is dedicated to Texas style blues guitar lessons. You can also find me on the StevieSnacks Facebook page at

Thanks so much for going through this course, I hope the licks taught here have opened up some new doors for you, and made you more comfortable playing slow blues.

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