Watch the 50 R&B Licks online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from 50 R&B Licks You MUST Know

Welcome to 50 R&B Guitar Licks You MUST Know! I'll be showing you how to create great R&B guitar lines from scales, arpeggios, double stops and triads. I'll also be throwing in some of my trademark chromatic connecting tones and sweet notes along the way. The thing to remember about R&B is that it is not a complex form so some of the lines are really easy to play. The trick however is to add the feel and groove to make these licks come alive and move across the beat. It's a feel thing baby!

These licks can be used in any key as well so once you've got them under your fingers transpose them into another key. Knowing where the tonic or root note of each lick is within it's framework will help you move them to the correct location for the new key.

Ultimately I would like to see you create your own ideas and if at all possible write them on the stave or as tab. Create your own lick diary if you like! Have fun!

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