Watch the My First Arpeggio online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from 50 Progressive Blues Licks You MUST Know

I first heard Warren Haynes when he joined the Allman Brothers Band and debuted on the album Seven Turns. In my opinion there was no better choice to share the stage with Dickey Betts. Warren does many things well. He writes captivating riffs, plays a mean slide guitar and can play some tasty stuff over just about any kind of groove.

When blues players want to "jazz" up their vocabulary, they often use arpeggios. I named this lick My First Arpeggio because it falls in a place where our fingers are comfortable and has that sound that's not pentatonic. Also, it's a great place to start for YOUR first arpeggio. The lick is played over a vamp of E7 to A7. We'll talk about how Warren weaves in and out of the two chords for a sweet sounding lick.

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