Watch the Gear and Gizmos online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from 50 Progressive Blues Licks You MUST Know

Welcome to the Gear & Gizmo section of this course! Let’s talk tone. Talking tone in the modern age doesn’t always mean that we’ll be discussing amps and pedals. Allow me to introduce the Avid Eleven Rack. I purchased the Eleven Rack a few years ago because I was involved in recording sessions where the music ranged from country to dance to blues to 50’s R&B. I used other amp modeling units before but, for my dollar the Eleven Rack does the trick. The unit “models” many popular amps and pedals. The Avid people got the unit to really “feel” like an amp when you play it. I don’t know how they do it but it works. I don’t use it live but, I know some other well-respected players that do and they achieve great tone. I spend a lot of time dialing in tone for each lick. I think it’s important to nail the sound as well as execute the lick properly. Achieving tone is part of the learning process too! You’ll probably make some great and not so great purchases on gear in your tonequest. Don’t be discouraged, tone is a journey and you’ll probably spend some serious cash getting what you want. My suggestion, work with what you have to its fullest potential. Get the best tone that you can and if you’re looking for something new, do your research! It will pay off.

I was introduced to the Evertune bridge by a producer friend of mine. I was doing some lengthy country/rock sessions that consisted of layering many guitar parts. My friend really helped to expose the tuning issues that can arise when multiple guitar parts start trying to cooperate in the mix. The Evertune doesn’t just keep your guitar in tune like locking bridge/tuner systems do. It is constantly keeping your guitar in tune “everywhere” on the neck. Odd chords with open strings are always in tune also. This can be a problem with guitars with normal bridges etc. Intonation is always perfect as well. It’s hard to explain how this works but, it just does. Truth be told, the Evertune is a commitment. A fair amount of routing needs to be done to accommodate the bridge. I would not recommend putting one of these bridges on a guitar that’s a family heirloom or a vintage instrument. I use them on guitars I play! To me, it’s becoming difficult to play without one and my ear has gotten more accustomed to all things being “in tune.” I also feel like I can hear when others are out of tune! Go try an Evertune and let me know what you think!

Special thanks to the fine folks at D’Addario, Planet Waves, and Lindy Fralin. I’m using Lindy Fralin pickups in the guitar (Reverend Charger) and all of my accessories are D’Addarrio and Planet Waves.

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