Watch the A Bit Demolished online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from 50 Progressive Blues Licks You MUST Know

Progressive blues players are often referred to as such because of their rock and jazz influences. These players often infuse diminished runs into their playing. Diminished lines are more often heard in bebop and even metal playing.

Scott Henderson was in a fusion group in the 80's called Players. It was an amazing group and Scott could not sound better. He's absolutely mind blowing on the recording. The album Players is out of print but, if you find one, buy it! I'll be showing you some licks from a swing blues tune he's famous for called The Creeping Terror. It may be one of my favorite solos of all time!

This lick is a diminished lick he plays in the solo over the Edim chord. The lick then moves over the Bb7 just before going to the G7 in a standard jazz/blues progression. I tidied the lick up a bit so that we could use it in this context but, overall it's a must try!

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