Watch the 50 Progressive Blues Licks online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from 50 Progressive Blues Licks You MUST Know

Welcome to 50 Progressive Blues Licks You Must Know! You might ask yourself what is "progressive blues?" Well, to me progressive blues is about the players that have taken tried and true blues vocabulary and pushed the envelope to new and exciting places.

In this course we'll focus on guitarists, past and present, who have taken blues guitar playing to multiple levels. We'll cover traditional techniques like bends, and hammer-ons and pulloffs. We're also going to focus on new ways to navigate the pentatonic scale, as well as how to incorporate diminished licks and new rhythmic phrasing into our playing.

I hand picked 50 licks by some of my favorite progressive day blues masters. What's cool is that I've chosen licks that work really well over any style of blues. I've got some great backing tracks for you to jam over too. We'll be playing over all types of grooves so, you'll definitley get a great taste of what these present day ambassadors of the blues have to offer.

It's extremely important to open the history books and study the blues of the past. However, these 50 progressive blues licks will show us that the blues is alive and well in the present and, will continue to evovle in the future!

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