Watch the 50 Jump Blues Licks online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from 50 Jump Blues Licks You MUST Know

Jump Blues is a juicy gumbo of several blues styles, mixed with swing and jazz elements. It can be as tough as a Texas Longhorn, deep as the Mississippi Delta and gut wrenching like a Chicago winter. But Jump Blues also has a west coast groove that makes you want to get up and dance. It's mostly played at a foot stomping hip shaking tempo and gives you all the harmonic options of swing without having to study till your fingers bleed. These 50 licks cover all the major jump blues guitar players, from originators like Charlie Christian, T-Bone Walker, Clarence Gatemouth Brown and Freddie King to modern players like Duke Robillard, Ronnie Earl, Hollywood Fats, Rick Holmstrom and Brian Setzer.

Even more poppy or rocky oriented bands and players like The Black Keys, Joe Bonamassa uses jump blues elements in their guitar solos and backup parts. These licks also illustrate the two simple tools every blues guitar player needs to have up his/her sleeve: The Standard Riff and Inner Logic. They will help you target the sweet notes of all the underlying chords in the backup and add a solid structure to your solos. Spice your blues licks up with these tools and you'll open up your fretboard to the more uptown sounds that emerged in the Big Bands of the late forties and early fifties. And because rockabilly, rock and roll, swing, jump blues and jazz are all dialects of the same musical language, you can use this collection of licks in all these styles. These 50 licks are the cream of the crop of the library of jump blues solos I collected over a period of 25 years; analyzing albums, bootlegging concerts and studying with some of the giants of jump blues.

Be sure to play them with a smile.

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