Watch the 50 Jump Blues Licks online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from 50 Jump Blues Licks You MUST Know

Well, I hope you enjoyed this collection of my 50 favorite Jump Blues Licks. They constitute more than 20 years of gathering, bootlegging, analyzing and playing. Feel free to mix these licks up and create your own standard licks. Make sure that when you play jump to keep the inner logic of the progression in sight and use the standard riff (plus its extension) to target the individual chords. Always move with the chords to get the maximum of subtlety into your solos. Playing jump blues requires a little bit more study than your Down Home Delta Blues styles and also more awareness of where you are in the progression. But I'm sure that playing this style will be very rewarding for you. It most certainly is for me! See you on the road, Matt.

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