Watch the Tip Your Servers online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from 50 Eclectic Blues Licks You MUST Know

Turnarounds, turnarounds, turnarounds, you can never have too many. Here is a nice one in A to finish up a blues with a snappy lick with some cool harmonics at the end. Spend some time with the ascending line on the turnaround so it's smooth as it is a little difficult to nail down.

More difficult is the technique I use for the harmonics, that one I only seem to make about 75% of the time unlike Eric Johnson who seems to make it 100% of the time.

My first exposure to this technique was from, like many of us, Eddie Van Halen. Eddie is one of the greatest players to pick up the instrument. If you haven't listened to VH in a while, just put on Van Halen I again. Wow!

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