Watch the 50 Eclectic Blues Licks online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from 50 Eclectic Blues Licks You MUST Know

Hello and welcome to 50 Eclectic Blues Licks You Must Know. For this course I have handpicked some of my favorite licks from many different genres of the blues. I am a fan of so many styles of music that I often have a hard time defining what I do, I see this as a strength. I love being able to add a country or a jazz lick to a traditional blues for example.

One of the greatest things about the blues is that there are so many variations of it, jazz, country, rock, funk, blues. The blues is the link between all of them, so how cool is it to be able to mix it up? Super cool.

I hope you enjoy the course, find a lick that gets you going and dig in. Most of all have fun!

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