Watch the Real Mother online guitar lesson by Richard Van Bergen from 50 Down Home Blues Licks You MUST Know

If you want to hear mean and agressive blues licks, Johnny Guitar Watson is your man! Before he had hits with funky songs like 'A Real Mother For Ya' in 1977, Watson played some mean blues. Watson was born in 1935 in Houston, Texas. He recorded his first sides for Federal in 1952. With his agressive attack he broke strings very often. Or like Johnny puts it himself: "Because I stressified on them so much!". He played without a pick, using his index finger and thumb. Watson was influenced by Clarence Gatemouth Brown a lot. Maybe that’s why he often played with a capo. In this way he relatively played in the key of E and was able to use open strings. This lick is played in G with the guitar capoed to the third fret. It fits the first four bars of a 12-bar blues. Jimmie Vaughan is the contemporary master in this style.

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