Watch the 50 Blues-Rock Rhythms You MUST Know online guitar lesson by Jeff Scheetz from 50 Blues Rock Rhythms You MUST Know

Welcome to 50 Blues Rock Rhythms you MUST know! One of the most overlooked aspects of playing is rhythm – and yet, ask ANYONE from a band what they want in their guitar player and what will they say? "A good rhythm feel"! So how can you get a good and varied rhythm groove on? I am here to help you with that.

I have picked out 50 different rhythm patterns, from 12 bar blues must knows, to some funky vibes, a few more "rockish" themes, and even a couple of odd time signatures thrown in as well. I teach you these and then give you the rhythm tracks so you can work them to death! I really tried to pick out various grooves that you would encounter in your playing career – just to make sure you were ready when you come across them!

So grab your toys and let's make some noise!

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