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I would say that I was probably at an intermediate level of my playing when I encountered diminished chords. That weird in-between sound from one chord to another really tweaked my ear.

At its core, a diminished triad is a root, b3 and b5.

We'll be playing diminished 7 chords for most of these examples. The dim7 chord is a diminished triad with a diminished 7 interval, or what could also be considered a major 6th.

Confused yet?

Here's how I really see it, or hear it I should say. Diminished chords are often said to be passing chords or leading chords. I believe this is said because you never play an entire song with diminished chords!

You never jam on a diminished 7 for 8 bars, or even 4 bars. I'll use the diminished chord in some upcoming examples and hopefully you'll see how they can be incorporated tastefully.

I'll go into a little detail too so, for you theory heads - no need to worry.

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