Watch the Third Base online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from 50 Blues Rhythms You MUST Know

I like this example a lot because it gives you the blues flavor without a bunch of 7th chords.

I’m primarily using major and minor thirds to achieve the shapes for this one. I’m playing one of my favorite inversions for the I chord. The chord is A/C# and this is a shape that you’ll hear many rock players use.

We’ve been discussing chord tones a good bit in this course. A/C# is just a simple A triad. The notes are A, C#, and E. The C# is the lowest note in the chord. I use a simple D triad in bar 6. I play through the 5 chord with a riff and I finish it up with one of my favorite shapes for E7.

This could be used in a rhumba blues or a New Orleans-type of groove. Go for it.

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