Watch the Pain No More: Straight online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from 50 Blues Rhythms You MUST Know

Let's get off of the pain train and play some examples that sound just as good as the big ol' stretched power chords.

Basically, in these examples we are inverting the power chord notes. The original A5 power chord has an A as the lowest note and an E as the next note. The E is five notes away from the root (A). Hence the name A5. The following examples will have a similar power chord sound but, the notes of the chord are flip-flopped.

For instance, I still want you to think A5. The difference is that the notes stack E then A (low to high). We're going to start considering the bass player from now on too. The bassist can handle the roots for now. Let's start branching out from those root position chords.

Keep this in mind as we move on.

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