Watch the 50 Blues Rhythms online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from 50 Blues Rhythms You MUST Know

The blues is a solo/improvising heavy genre and great guitarists are heralded primarily for their unforgettable solos. However, it should be taken into consideration that we are playing rhythm guitar for a large percentage of our blues and guitar playing life.

In the blues genre, we’re often supporting a singer or other soloist so, being a great rhythm player is imperative. I hope that you’ve seen the importance of playing some great “backup” guitar and I’m really looking forward to how you approach your next blues gig!

Make those singers and soloists feel comfortable. This course will surely help you do that.

If the blues is your passion, no doubt you’ve enjoyed all of the different chords, rhythms, and styles we’ve covered. It goes without saying that I’ve enjoyed this material too.

This material is a part of who I am as a musician, player, and teacher and it has been an honor to explain it.

The most important word of advice I can give is to be patient. Anything worth learning and retaining isn’t digested overnight. The material in this course can last a lifetime.

Thank you for coming with me on this journey and allowing me to share information that is near and dear! Best of luck friends.

I’ll see you on the stage!

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