Watch the Keep Walking online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from 30 Sweet Blues Licks You MUST Know

I'm a huge blues rock fan, as I assume you are as well or you probably wouldn't be watching this! One my favorite guitar players is Joe Walsh, especially his stuff with the James Gang. The song "Walk Away" is an excellent example of how cool the mixture of major and minor pentatonic can be on a one chord vamp in A.

The slick thing about this lick is its use of half steps, whole steps, and pre-bends, and therefore it's a bit trickier than it may appear on the surface. It's important to isolate each bend and make sure it's in tune. If not, well, that's where it'll fall to the ground! I chose this lick as Joe's solo on this tune was always a challenge for me growing up, and I can also track many things I do from it.