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Watch the Learn This! online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from 30 Smokin' Blues-Rock Guitar Licks You MUST Know

This lick does some cool stuff, and that's why you should learn it! Right off the top, we start with a cool minor 3rd bend. A minor 3rd is one and a half-steps, or 3 frets. When guitar players bend strings, we most often stick to whole step bends, which is cool, but in a minor pentatonic scale we have 2 minor 3rds and the rest of the notes are whole steps. The formula for a minor pentatonic scale is R-b3-4-5-b7. The minor 3rds are between the root and b3 and the 5 and b7. Seek these out and use them, sometimes these are called overbends, I guess because we are bending over a whole step. What about half-step bends you say? Well, there are no half-step intervals in a pentatonic scale, but I add one in for good measure at the end bending the G up to G# to sound the natural 3rd of the E major chord. Cool!