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Watch the And I Repeat online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from 30 Smokin' Blues-Rock Guitar Licks You MUST Know

I love a good repeated lick, and so does an audience! Repeated licks are essential to any soloist’s tool bag. The trick is you have to practice them ahead of time and they are mostly working off of muscle memory. The way to practice a lick like this, and all of them actually, is slowly. I repeat: S-L-O-W-L-Y. By taking your time and working through it you form the synapses needed to play the lick. So when it's time to rip it you don't cheese it (to quote Kramer).

I was reading an article from a classical violinist talking about practicing difficult sections of compositions. She said she would take a few bar phrases and play it over and over very slowly with the metronome. Only when she felt she had it down, she increased the tempo of the metronome, and repeat. She would do this and bring it actually past the tempo required for the performance to know that the lick was well within her technical ability. No that's the way you do it!