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Watch the 4's and 6's online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from 30 Smokin' Blues-Rock Guitar Licks You MUST Know

This lick builds off the lick above by mixing 4 and 6 note groupings in the style of Eric Johnson. We hear Joe Bonamassa play these kind of runs quite a bit, as he's admittedly a fan or Mr. Johnson as well. Aren't we all?

Another guy to check out for these kind of licks is John McLaughlin and Mahavishnu Orchestra. He's pretty ripping as well and a real innovator and guitar legend, check him out.

Back to the lick...another cool thing here is just the fingering idea of moving pentatonic scales around the neck. I'm using a lot of 4 note groupings when I'm changing position, a common EJ technique. That idea has nothing to do with playing this lick fast or slow, but you should investigate that 4 note grouping idea. Hey, what do you know? I talk about just that very thing in my Blues Guitar Survival Guide: Lead Edition here at TrueFire!