Watch the Join Up: Rhythm 1 online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Blues Guitar Greatest Hits Vol. 3

Join Up: Rhythm 1 is a video guitar lesson presented by Jam Night Vol. 3

The initial four-bar "intro" figure played here begins with a 10th position two-note D5 chord, followed by index and ring finger barres across pairs of strings, supplying a melodic riff. Stylistically, i think of this approach as being Hendrix-like, as Jimi often utilized little two-note barres like these in his pr[imary riffs--"Spanish Castle Magic" and "Fire" come to mind. Bringing two-note string bends and sliding single-note riffs into the figure push the musical approach more towards blues and away from straight rock rhythm guitar. Anotherr way the rhythm part is fleshed out is by alternating the Chuck Berry approach with hammers into a D7 voicing on the D, G and B trings, a technique used commonly in blues and R&B guitar.