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Watch the Join Up: Lead 2 online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Blues Guitar Greatest Hits Vol. 3

Join Up: Lead 2 is a video guitar lesson presented by Jam Night Vol. 3

After the D5 power chord, I slide an index-finger barre up to the seventh fret of the D and G strings, which enables the use of the pinkie for bends on the G string 10th fret, which sounds F, minor third. Along with Albert King and Jimi hendrix, Robin Trower "borrowed" this type of lick for his intro to the hit song, "Bridge of Sighs." i then switch to D minor pentatonic (D F G A C) licks played in 10th position but also include the ninth, E, from which I bend up one half step tp the minor third, F. Over A, oblique bends on the top two strings evoke the country/blues sound, followed by tremolo picking on an oblique bend--featuring the notes D (fretted) and B (bent up from A)--on the G and B strings. The temolo picking technique is achieved by using the pick-hand thumb to sound the G string and the middle finger to sound the B string, alternating between the two strings as rapidly as possible. I like to keep the fingers as rigid as possible, gloding them firmlyt in place as the tremolo pick technique is applied.