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Watch the Join Up: Lead 1 online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Blues Guitar Greatest Hits Vol. 3

Join Up: Lead 1 is a video guitar lesson presented by Jam Night Vol. 3

This solo kicks off in 10th position over the "intro" figure, with lines based on D minor pentatonic (D F G A C) and the D blues scale (D F G Ab A C). In bar 3, I incorporate the Hendrix-approved technique of bending up on the B string and catching the G string under the tip of the fretting finger, enabling a prebend/release on the G string. Be sure to catch each of the two notes accurately so they will sound clear and clean. The initial lick over the verse is executed with an oblique bend, as a high A is fretted with the pinkie on the B string while an E note below it is bent up one half step to F and then released. Bars 3 and 4 feature a move up to D minor pentatonic single-note lines in 10th position, and in bar 5, over A, the five chord, two-note pairs sixths apart--based on A Mixolydian (A B C# D E F# G)--are hybrid picked as they descend thre elngth of the fretboard. I then switch to two-note figures thirds apart over the Bm-A-G-A part of the progression, providing contrast while remaining melodic in nature.

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