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Watch the Bird Out online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Blues Guitar Greatest Hits Vol. 3

Bird Out is a video guitar lesson presented by Essentials: Chord Tone Soloing

This is the end progression for the song "Hummingbird" that BB solos over. It's a very common progression that can offer some cool ways to use chord tone soloing. With all due respect to BB, one of my heroes, he basically plays sparsely and sticks to "BB's box" - which of course makes perfect sense!

The progression is Bb-F-C7, and that puts us in C Mixolydian (C-D-E-F-G-A-Bb-C), which is the same notes as F major. The magic BB's box is a mix of Cmaj pentatonic and Fmaj pentatonic scales, which I explain in the video. Spend a lot of time with BB's box, as it's an essential scale for blues and blues rock soloing.