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Watch the Beyond 21: Barre Chords 2 online guitar lesson by Ravi from Learn Guitar in 21 Days

In this video, I'll show you how to play barre chords using the A string as your guide. The same barre chord system is used here but you will need to learn different shapes for the major, minor and dominant 7th chord types.

These are a little more difficult to master because the fingerings are a little more challenging and you will have to learn how to mute the 6th string, BUT learning these will make switching chords far easier because you will not have to move all the way up or down the neck to get to the next chord in a song. So, this too is well worth the time it will take you to get a solid grip on these forms.

The combination of the E-string root barre chords with these A-string barre chords will open up so many song possibilities that you will NEVER run into a road block on your journey as a guitar player whether you play in a band or take the singer-songwriter path.

Be patient. Yes, it will feel awkward at first and yes it will take time to get comfortable with these shapes but ANYONE who puts in the time will learn to master these shapes. And faster than you think!