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Watch the Write a Song online guitar lesson by Jeff Scheetz from Jump Start Rock Guitar

We need to learn a couple of more chords - this time minor chords. Em, and Am. When there is a small cap "m" after a chord that means it is minor - if there is nothing - if it just says "G" - then it is a Major chord - So if somone asks you to play a "G" or a "G Major" it is the same thing. You are going to use G, Cadd9, D, Em and Am to write a song! Put these in whatever order YOU think sounds the best - they all are in the same key and will all sound good together - but what will make it YOUR song is the order YOU choose to put them in. Use your creativity to decide which one goes next - and remember... there is no "wrong" way to do it - because it is your song! One of my favorite sayings is "Do your own thing...that way nobody can tell you that you are doing it wrong"! :o)