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Watch the Rock For Beginners online guitar lesson by Trey Alexander from Rock Guitar For Beginners

I would like to start off by talking a little bit about your instrument.
So let's get started:
Tuning Pegs: There are many different kinds of tuning pegs ranging from classic tuners that you find on an acoustic guitar all the way to the locking tuners that you use on electric guitars to make those monster whammy bar dives! These gears are what you will keep your instrument in tune with. They will raise and lower the pitch of each string and are ratio to give an accurate method to tuning the guitar.
The Nut: The nut located here is a small piece of bone, plastic, brass, stainless steel or graphite that guides the strings onto the fret board, giving it consistent lateral string placement.
The Frets: The frets are usually made of Nickel alloy of stainless steel and embedded along the fret board to give us different pitches. The way that it does this is it shortens the strings and gives them a smaller vibration length giving them a different pitch.
The Bridge: The bridge is what holds the strings into place onto the body. They also create vibrations that ring through the guitar. There are action adjustments and intonation adjustments that are located here. But it is probably a good idea to let your local repairman take care of those things.
The Pick Guard: This little piece of plastic is usually what protects the front side of your guitar from all of those Led Zeppelin and Pete Townshend battle stage strums. It also provides a place for pick ups to be installed and is kind of nice when you switch pickups to try and locate different sounds and such.
Pick Ups: If you wanna play rock and roll which I think we are all probably on the quest to do, you are going to need pickups. This lets us go from not being heard at all to knocking out our parent's windows. I know my Mom can attest for this. I turned up my amp to the point of destruction quite a few times. I kept trying to tell her it is the only way to get that cool EVH sound. I don't think she cared what kind of tone it was. I called it the EVH she called it WTL (way too loud).
Volume/Tone/Tone: Depending on if you are playing with a Les Paul style guitar or a Strat style you find that you either have 1 volume and 2 tones or 2 volumes and 2 tones. The volume knob turns the main output or volume up or down. Remember although loud is way cool there is a bit of professionalism in the rolled back volume that lets the other players be heard with having to use the turbo ultra loud change the rotation of the earth button. The Tone knobs are what takes the guitar from smooth jazz to rock and rock and blues all the way to the sweet and smooth sounds of Eric Johnson. Really experiment with these functions. They drastically change the way you sound and the way you play. Have fun with that.
Pick up selector: This device changes the pickups and there are quite a few different combinations. My guitar has a 5-way switch. This allows me to have five positions to play on. A Les Paul has three. Both have plenty of combinations to wield the tone of kings but for me I am a Strat guy. I think either you are a Strat man or Paul man. I love them both but at the end of the day I wanna play a Strat.
Input: Where we plug our guitars in.

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