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Watch the Rhythm online guitar lesson by Trey Alexander from Rock Guitar For Beginners

As said by the late Great DANNY GATTON!! Power chords are an essential part of making some of the coolest rock songs and have been an essential part of all music since the beginning of time! So check it out, making a 5 chord/ Power chord is pretty easy. All we need to do is take the 1st and the 5th note of the Major scale and play them together. This makes our Power Chord. This is a very cool moveable chord that will instantaneously turn you into a rock star! Using the Chromatic scale that we talked about earlier we can move this chord all over the fret board and come up with some of the greatest sounding progressions.
A minor rock is a great Funk Rock groove with crazy organ parts to fill it up and make it sound fat and groovy. This will be a great place to start using our power chords. Many of the greatest songs were made up of just a couple of power chords and what we are going to do today is elaborate on some of the different ideas we can do with just two chords. Bands like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC used these same chords to make some of the most memorable songs of all time! Remember, slow and accurate is always the way to go. We should always take each example and play it very slow at first and then slowly up the tempo.