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Watch the Cmaj7, C & Fmaj7 Chords online guitar lesson by Rich Maloof from Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

You already have three chords in the bag: Cmaj7, C, and Fmaj7. Now we're going to play an E minor (Em). It's not tough to play but its shape is unrelated to the first three chords we learned.
Em uses only two fingers, and it's a nice, full chord you can strum on all six strings. Let all those open strings ring through.
As you try strumming Fmaj7 to Em - in time - notice that the Fmaj7 should be played only from the 4th string down, while on the Em you strum from the 6th string down. A bit of attention has to be paid to the strumming hand to get this together, but most of the work is on the fretting hand.
The more chords you know, the more songs you'll be able to play. Here's a look at two more chords that show up in thousands of songs.