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Watch the Hands On Guitar: Beyond Beginner online guitar lesson by Susan Mazer from Hands On Guitar: Beyond Beginner

These lessons contain something for everyone. We start by reviewing all the basic open chords and then talk about chord extensions and slash chords. The new chords will instantly add interest to your playing. Then I’ll make sure that you understand all your barre chord forms and how to move them up and down the neck. All through the lessons I introduce lots of picking and strumming patterns, so you’re right hand adds as much interest as the left. In the next lessons, I’ll show you how to add bass lines to your playing to connect and outline the chord changes. You’ve probably already played a 12-bar blues, but in these lessons I'll show you two movable forms that you can play in any key. To go along with the 12-bar rhythm part, I'll show you how to solo with both a movable major and minor pentatonic, and a sliding scale. You’ll also learn to add riffs to your rhythm playing. Finally, I'll explain the concept of tonal center and a “key” so you can use the capo or transpose to play in any key.