Watch the Stairway To Swing online guitar lesson by Fareed Haque from 30 Beginner Jazz Licks You MUST Know

Just like Jimmy Page's song, this line outlines the movement from the root to the 6th of a minor chord - F down to D in F minor, or you can see it as 5th down to 3rd of a Bb7 chord, or put them together and it's a little 11-V lick Fm7- Bb7. Or you can just dig the sound, and lay it down over any chord you think it sounds good over.

OK! It’s time to try to put licks together and create longer lines. Much of what Clifford Brown and Charlie Parker do is string many shorter lines together to make longer ones. Try playing Lick #16 starting on the last note of Lick #11. You might have to adjust the rhythm a bit here and there, but experiment. Each variation you create teaches you more about improvisation and melody - doing it is the real teacher!