Watch the Bebop Guitar Fakebook: Rhythm online guitar lesson by Sheryl Bailey from Bebop Guitar Fakebook: Rhythm

Hi, I'm Sheryl Bailey, and welcome to Bebop Guitar Fakebook: Rhythm. The best way to learn how to play bebop is learning how to play songs, and learning songs starts with learning the accompaniment.

In this rhythm edition of the Bebop Guitar Fakebook, you'll learn the chords, rhythms, and comping approaches for progressions used in 25 of the most popular bebop standards. I'll perform a playalong for each of the 25 studies where I'll vary the chord voicings and comping approaches across multiple choruses, exactly like I would on the bandstand. Each study is also charted out with chord grids illustrating the exact chords I play throughout the playalong. Reference the charts and playalong with me to practice the tunes and improve your comping skills. Of course, you can always use the playalongs to practice improvising solos over these popular bebop progressions.

For example, we'll play through changes similar to those of the most famous bebop standards like "Confirmation", "Donna Lee", "Yesterdays", "What is This Thing Called Love", "Joy Spring", and many others. You'll get each progression with detailed chord diagrams, standard notation, tab, and of course, you'll have all the live band rhythm tracks to work with on your own. Grab your guitar, and let's get started!