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Watch the Rainey online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Bass Guitar 5: Styles & Techniques

Rainey - Groove 48 is a video guitar lesson presented by Andrew Ford and is sourced from 50 R&B Bass Grooves You MUST Know.

Chuck Rainey, among other things, was famous for how he introduced chords and double stops in pop and R&B music. This 4 bar phrase is reminiscent of some of his work with Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan and many others. Chuck's playing is easily recognizable partly because of these concepts. It is a simple 2 chord framework but utilizing the upper range of the bass, or some may say the dusty part. The 1st bar starts with the open E and quickly moves to a chordal sound using the D, the b7 and G, the minor 3rd but the key to the lick is the back and forth sliding from the notes 1 half step down which are C#, and F#. It then goes back to the open. Bar 2 has an almost harmonic bell sounding phrase that uses the b7 and minor 3rd again but inverted up to the 19th and 17th frets on the G and D strings. We switch chords in bar 3 to the A9 where we start with the open A and then have our most challenging lick, it uses the major 3rd, C#, the 6 or 13 which is F#, G, the b7 and the D string sort of as a muted pivot. We then end with a couple of double stops that include notes of the A7 scale, the 1st one is G and B, the b7 and 9, then we use F# with A, the 13 and root. Each double stop slides down.