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Watch the The 7 Arpeggio (no 3) online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Bass Guitar 3: Essential Skills

The 7 Arpeggio (no 3) - The 3rd-less Arpeggio is a video guitar lesson presented by Brad Carlton and is sourced from Blues Bass.

The 7(no 3) arpeggio is a commonly used source for bassline and melodic material in the blues as well as many other styles. The (dominant) 7 arpeggio consists of the following four notes: 1, 3, 5, b7. This lesson deals with the arpeggio which deletes the 3. This means that all the patterns you learn in this lesson will apply both to dominant seventh as well as minor seventh chords. The formula for a minor 7 arpeggio is: 1, b3, 5, b7. As you can see if the third is not present in the arpeggio, it's not clear whether the implied chord is dominant or minor.

Diagrams 1a and 1b show this arpeggio laid out on the fingerboard in a two note per string format in the key of E. It is important to memorize the scale degrees( Diagram 1b) with the letter names of the notes(Diagram 1a). Examples 1a through 1f show various combinations of these four notes in bass tablature.

This same information is presented in diagrams 1c and 1d for an A7 chord. Examples 1g through 1l show variations of these four notes in tablature.

Your goal is to get a handle on some of these basslines which will prepare you for the next lesson which involves the entire 12 bar blues progression. The one remaining note you will need will be a B note which can be played in the second fret of the third string or seventh fret of the fourth string.